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integrō pedagogy

Come join an online community of professionals and students with like-minded goals - to grow their skillsets on the cello and refresh their approach to the instrument. Through the lenses of neuroscience and Feldenkrais, we will explore sound creating movements to free your mind and channels of expression.

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With more than 30 years of teaching and performing experience, Karen brings her expertise and enthusiasm for continued learning integrō. Borrowing from many schools of method as well as the influential teachers she has worked with, Karen has cultivated a vast pool from which to draw from when it comes to teaching cello technique. Many professionals and students who have worked with her have nicknamed her the "Prop Queen." If this peaks your curiosity, just wait until you find out the myriad of ways you can use an ear plug, lollipop stick or even a tennis ball - just to name a few - to improve your own playing and the progress of your students. These online workshops are meant to stretch your mind and abilities to their limits and are geared toward professionals seeking to hone or tweak aspects of their playing, toward teachers looking for refreshing new ways to present information to their students, as well as cello students seeking to gain sound technical advice and practice strategy solutions.


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When COVID hit, this shifted the paradigm for many of us. It allowed us to learn from each other through online platforms not previously offered. Like other musicians, I participated in countless online music workshops and audited several academies to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. Many of these online experiences infused new thought and movement exploration in my own teaching studio. What I realized was some of the discoveries I was making through connecting cross modalities were not yet being discussed. And that was when the seed was planted, which grew into integrō pedagogy - a platform to share new perspectives. 


Constant renewal has become a life long pursuit through my studies and practice of Feldenkrais, Yoga and Neuroscience. Much of what I strive to do or achieve can be summed up with one word, integration (integrō).

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There are many workshop bundles available featuring varying aspects of playing the cello that are suited for beginner to advanced cellists and teachers. All pedagogy sessions within a bundle are recorded and organized into an online library, so you can watch or rewatch any time. And joining the community enables you to participate in a private interactive forum.

Demo Videos

Demo Videos

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